Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, the importance of the brand and the Marketing strategy is a fundamental element for the growth, value and recognition of any brand. Today technology, digital marketing automation processes, as well as the economic and segmentation capacity of the RRSS, allow us to develop campaigns and actions with moderate budgets.

Innovate, be differentiating, add value… If your products and/or services do not meet any of these characteristics, it is urgent that you make a “Stop and Go”, with a deep and quick reflection that culminates in a new proposal. Otherwise, your company will have a serious problem.

Our experience leads us to affirm that objectivity is achieved from outside the company. Incorporating professionals through strategy committees, management or boards of directors will provide freshness, objectivity, an undistorted vision and, above all, value to your business. All large companies incorporate independent directors precisely for this. An SME should incorporate these figures and we adapt it to its possibilities. They will not only provide knowledge but also possibilities for new clients thanks to their Networking.

If you have a differentiated value proposition that adds to the country or destination that is the object of your internationalization, without a doubt. Due to diversification and company value. At Mindhead we have clear examples of success in internationalization processes in different sectors of economic activity, with our comprehensive support from strategy, implementation, selection of a local partner if necessary, and business development.

There is no other if you want the business to last. The talent, the structure of the company, the coordination, inter-departmental procedures, the KPI’s for company control and the exhaustive monitoring of the budget are part of the professionalization of the company.

The obsession of any entrepreneur must be the constant search and improvement of its value proposition. If your proposal is not innovative, differentiating and adds value to your current and future client, your only argument will be the price.

The English saying “If you put your money you put your heart”, gives us the answer. Theory is necessary but experience, suffering and assuming the risk of losing money and assets , is what characterizes an entrepreneur. That is why we are the best Consultant, because we are entrepreneurs.

You would be greatly surprised (it requires an exercise in humility and external help) what a good strategy of storytelling, modification, innovation of the services/products you offer and a strategy of how to communicate it to whom and how can mean for you and your company . What can grow your client portfolio…

All Mindhead partners have a long and extensive experience in different sectors of activity, having assumed major responsibilities in different companies. Many of them having held or are currently holding relevant positions in different sectors and employers. Given our method of monetization based in part on a billing variable, we are the first to be interested in getting involved in helping you grow.

Cash is King! A clear strategy and management of the treasury will relieve stress in your company. A very important percentage of the mortality of companies is not due to profitability, it is not due to lack of sales, but due to poor treasury management.

The perfect balance between an efficient Staff with clear functions, interdepartmental communication procedures and technological tools for its process, together with the elimination of fat and everything that is unproductive, is the model to generate.

We have an exclusive service called Financing Observatory in which we help companies to find bank and non-bank financing, as well as help public and private companies to any type of public call of any scope, local, provincial, regional, national and European, including the NEXT EU GEN Funds. We accompany companies in the location, presentation and justification.

Almost any company and sector can apply for public subsidy calls. At Mindhead we help public and private companies in any type of public call at any level, local, provincial, regional, national and European, including the NEXT EU GEN Funds, accompanying companies in the location, presentation and justification.

We are specialists in the M&A process, acquisitions and sales of companies, having participated in various processes of different companies from multiple sectors of economic activity.

We have solid experience in professionalization processes and generational change. Being the son or daughter of, does not guarantee a correct business succession. We are specialists in the professionalization of family companies, identifying the suitability or otherwise of the guarantee that a shareholder can be a qualified manager, promoting partner agreements, family protocols and procedures for this purpose.

Mindhead belongs to a business group with several and diverse economic activities, so our Consulting service is born from our own personal experience. We know what decision-making involves, we know the stress and effort involved. An objective and experienced vision is the one that will help you to take the best ones and you will not find it “in house”. You are not alone, we are with you.

Another key factor, without a doubt. Digitization will not only allow us to be more efficient and therefore increase profitability, but it will also allow us to generate automated sales and marketing strategies, process content for our clients that is useful and adds value to them. The mortality of a non-digitized company is very high. Don’t delay any longer.

Stop. Analyze. Measure. Create the strategy. Test it by trial/error and segment the niches that are the best from the point of view of profitability and satisfaction of your future customers.

The generation of dashboards and the main KPIs is essential because they give you immediate online information on the indicators that help you visualize and detect any record or indicator out of order. In these digitization processes, the maxim “less is more” is the key.