Santiago Vallejo Sánchez-Monge


Santiago Vallejo Sánchez-Monge is a seasoned executive and consultant in the tourism, transportation and mobility industries with extensive experience in business management. He is a visionary leader, adept at launching innovative projects that meet today’s customer needs using technology. Santiago has led companies through various business cycles, including restructuring, transformation, launch and entrepreneurship, in both national and multinational firms. He also has an international perspective, with experience in M&A projects. His expertise lies in launching innovative business lines and coordinating the entire process, from planning to execution and follow-up, which generates significant growth and benefits.

Santiago has held multiple positions as Managing Director, CEO, Board member and Administrator in several companies, including GIPSYY (Guanabara Group, Brazil), Movelía Tecnologías (ALSA-National Express Group) and Talgo Viajes. He led the successful positioning of Movelía Tecnologías as the only reservation platform for road passenger transportation in Spain, strengthening its position within the tourism value chain. Santiago also designed a strategic plan to turn the company into a total mobility platform, offering intermodal services for door-to-door transportation. He launched an innovative technology platform to increase customer access and market penetration. In addition, Santiago effectively managed the workforce to achieve internal balance, independence and a positive relationship between all parties.

Santiago also founded and managed several companies from 2004 to 2008, including a Rodilla brand franchise, a home hammock rental franchise (Todosol), a restaurant in the Vicente Calderon Stadium and an events company. His involvement included the creation of business plans, site selection and recruitment of personnel, which applied his previously acquired business knowledge to other sectors. In addition, he served as Director of CEATUR/Club de Turismo Automóvil CEA, where he established the club as a reference for members in travel planning.

Overall, Santiago Vallejo Sanchez-Monge has extensive experience as a business leader, particularly in the tourism, transportation and mobility industries, with a focus on innovation, transformation and restructuring. His experience in launching innovative business lines, strategic planning and effective workforce management has resulted in substantial growth and profitability for his companies.