Miguel Novoa


Miguel Novoa Sierra was born on September 8, 1960.

For now:

– Executive (CEO) of the Technological Cluster of Water and Irrigation Economic Interest Grouping (CTARS).

– Technical Advisor of the Water and Irrigation Project of the Central Board of Users of Alcolea (Huelva)

– Partner of the technology company TECYSA S.L.

– Expert and project manager in treated and reused urban and industrial water for reuse in irrigation, public gardens, golf courses and industrial reuse.

– Coordinator of the project “Elimination of exotic invasive water species – EIWS -” to eliminate invasive species in reservoirs and drinking water pipes.

– Coordinator of the project for the decontamination of water with heavy metals from the Sancho reservoir in Huelva.

– Technology-based entrepreneur.

I have developed tasks such as:

– Director of Crsitóbal Colón Airport in Huelva.

– Advisor to Alcolea Water Management Company (GAALSA)

– General Manager of the Public Water and Waste Management Company Gestión Integral De Aguas De Huelva (GIAHSA)

– Business Development Technician at Aguas De Valencia.

– Member of the Board of Directors of the Andalusian Government Water Technology Center Foundation (CENTA). founding member.

– Vice President of the Spanish Association of Urban Public Water Companies.

– Member of the Board of Piedras Irrigation Community.

– Board Member of the Tax Administration Service of the Province of Huelva.

– Member of the Council of the Cadastral Administration Service of Huelva.

– Coaches by coaches.

– Management functions in companies for 25 years as -Senior Manager/CEO-.

Experience and other fees:

– Expert in urban management. Manager of residential, industrial and tourist city plans.

– Irrigation community management expert.

– Coordinator of several development cooperation projects on water and waste issues in LATAM.

– Associate technician in a Smart Marine Boy project to monitor the quality of Spanish port waters within the European framework MAR POL