Antonio Ribot Rosselló


Antonio Ribot has extensive experience in the Education Sector. He started teaching in 1982, with more than 25 years of experience, being the General Director and representative of the ownership of 6 Education Centres, belonging to the Bishopric of Mallorca.

Expert in management and senior management of educational centres, he has successfully managed, adapting in each of the educational centres under his responsibility, the changes in the times and in society that have been necessary, assuming responsibility for more than 4,400 students and 300 teachers, in all stages, from Infant to Baccalaureate and Training Cycles, being also its growth in number of classrooms between 175% and 200%.

He stands out in the management and senior management of educational centres, all of them obtaining ISO 9.001:2000 Quality Certifications and three of them with the European Quality Certification FQM.

At the same time, Antonio Ribot has been co-founder and co-director of the Almudaina Study Centre, an innovative reference model specialising in effective help for the academic improvement of students, with results worthy of mention due to its success rates of close to 80%.

Antonio Ribot has also been an advisor for eight years to the Municipal Nursery Board of Palma City Council, a member for 23 years of the Balearic Education Board “Educación y Gestión, Escuela Católica”, a member of the CAEB Board for eight years, nine years in the Chamber of Commerce, four of them in its executive committee.

One of his great professional qualities is economic control and obtaining results, being a specialist in taking on and converting educational centres with serious economic problems and with large cash deficits, refloating them and making them solvent, with the capacity for growth, increasing in some cases the turnover of the educational centres by 400%.

Among various awards, we highlight his candidacy in 2017 for the “Best Entrepreneur of the Year” Award organised by the Caeb and European Citizen of the Year 2018, organised by the European Citizens of the Balearic Islands.

Antonio Ribot has joined Mindhead as an associate, which allows the professional firm to continue to combine talent and experience in a new niche activity such as education.